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New Wedding Reception venue coming to Birdsong

devbsThere is a number of exciting additions coming to Birdsong Cottages in the next year.  Having recently launched the cosy Edwin Cameron Boma at Birdsong Cottages, the news of more developments therefore comes as no surprise.

A brand new Wedding Reception venue is currently being created at Birdsong, which is within close proximity to the glorious stone chapel on site.  Guests who have visited Birdsong in the past, may have noticed the “Koi Dam” in the covered building near Flycatcher and the Sunbird Cottage.  The “Koi Dam” is an old undercover swimming pool which have been turned into an aquatic home for our beloved fish friends.   This venue has been in development for the past year, with the first stages of renovations already completed.

Phase two has now commenced with reinforced steel frames, which will carry the exquisite wooden deck with a marvellous view of the surrounds.  The “Koi Dam” will be the main feature of this unique Wedding Reception venue.  A bar, seating area, and industrial kitchen on the lower level beneath the deck, will all be valuable additions to this fantastic venue.

Johan Esterhuizen, Project Manager, revealed the artist impression of the venue today and said that he is looking forward to adding more charm to the already beautiful wedding destination in the heart of the Waterberg.

The venue will also be ideal as a breakaway room for conferences.  A new conference venue is also in development near the swimming pool.  The development and progress of the Wedding Reception venue will be featured on our Facebook pages in the coming months.  Don’t forget to like both the Birdsong Cottages and South of Africa pages when you visit Facebook again.