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Taking care of our animals at Birdsong Cottages

zebrasBecause of the superb bushveld location of Birdsong Cottages, a variety of wildlife is found on the premises.  The well being of our animals is a very high priority for South of Africa, and we have taken advantage of the generous assistance of farmers and nature lovers in our immediate surroundings.

Birdsong Cottages is a 32 hectare property, and with the good will of our neighbours, we have dropped the fences on both sides of the property, allowing the game to roam free in what is now a 100 hectare area!  We have 2 specified feeding points on site where these animals may be found during the late afternoon.

When you next visit Birdsong Cottages, ask our friendly staff to show these feeding points to you.  Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the beauty of nature in the heart of the Waterberg.