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Flower Season Update

flowers2The latest West Coast Flower Report supplied by West Coast Tourism has caused a renewed interest in the Flower Season in Paternoster.  There are two locations in Paternoster ideal for viewing the flowers, being the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve and Pelgrumsrust (on the road between Paternoster & Vredenburg).

The types of flowers identified are various types of Mesembryanthemaceae,  Reënblommetjie, Kattekruid, Pietsnot, Koggelmandervoet, Suring / Sorrel,  Rooi Malva, Klein Steenbokbos, Bokmaellie, Bobbejaantou, Strand Salie, Namaqua Kool, Bietou, Spekbos, Sjielingbos, Cape Weed, Romulea Barkerae, Paternoster Froetang (endemic to limestone ridges in area),  Candles / Kersies (Parasite), Goue Sterretjie, Steek Groenbasbossie, Varkblom / Arum, Groen Agertjie, Piempiempie and the Poproos.

There are large patches  of flowers in these areas, with few of some and plenty of others.  It is recommended that visitors walk to see the flowers.  Guests are discouraged to drive as some flowers are only 3mm big!

Acceptable rainfall figures were recorded that predicts a good flower season for Spring 2013.  Paternoster is currently experiencing low temperatures during the day as well as over night and it is also fortunate to have up to 2 to 3 days of showers which is a sustainable attribute to ensure a good flower season.

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