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Healing Earth introduces new high performance Facial Care range

highperformanceAbalone House & Spa is thrilled to announce the new Healing Earth “Big 5” collection of High Performance facial care products, which have been researched and developed by top experts in the industry to express exceptional results.

The exciting range includes:
• A firming and rejuvenating TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE POLISH
• A preparing and conditioning TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE TONER
• A TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE MASK for the reduction of skin imperfections
• A silky, gel-like TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE SERUM to further reduce the visible signs of ageing

Because the Healing Earth philosophy has always been that one should never deplete the skin (by way of powerful active ingredients) without replenishing and repairing it back to its natural health, the product line-up also includes two powerful post-active-ingredient replenishing products (to be applied after the High Performance range):
• A soothing and protecting aloe vera ACTIVE REPLENISH GEL (day)
• A deeply replenishing AFRICAN POTATO BALM (night)

The result of over two years of innovative research into the techniques of delivery of active ingredients to deeper levels of the epidermis, the unique and patented High Performance products use powerful enzyme technology to gently dissolve the intercellular communication between epidermal layers, allowing for deeper penetration of the product and the reconditioning of the skin without compromising its barrier function with powerful peptides.

The active ingredients are drawn from three equally important fields: high-tech industry-approved technologies (such as pentapeptide 4 and a cocktail of high-dosage anti-ageing components including vitamin C, vitamin E, matrixyl, cranberry extact and more); the traditional wisdom of African healing (kigelia Africana, papaya enzyme, green tea oil and the like); and universal holistic tools (such as neem, moringa, lavender, rosehip and neroli oils, to name a few).

While the Healing Earth High Performance products are available for at-home use, the results-driven anti-ageing facial protocol is a unique professional spa offering. It is best that the client is prescribed the products by a trained therapist after a 60- or 90-minute professional High Performance facial immersion, which may be enjoyed at the Abalone House retreat.

All Healing Earth High Performance products are also available in retail and professional sizes.  Contact communications@healingearth.co.za for more information on ordering the products or incorporating the treatment into your spa menu.