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Keeping Paternoster clean


With the recent arrival of the beautiful flowers, Abalone House & Spa has taken it upon themselves to tackle littering.  An initiative of General Manager Leigh Longden, and Front Office Manager Ryno Summers, the approach has been taken to clean up the surrounding areas on a regular basis.

“We can’t sit back and see how our beautiful lawns of flowers and greenery is spoiled by pieces of paper and cans lying around,” says Longden, “so we decided to be proactive.”

“It is very important to preserve the flowers, which are very dependant on a balanced environment,” adds Summers, ” and it is a thrill to see the flowers bloom year on year and hear how guests enjoy them.  We have to protect them and it is our responsibility as much as it is the next person’s.”

Several institutions are also hard at work at keeping the grounds free of litter to ensure a continuous flower season that future generations can be enjoy and be proud of.