Shangri-La: a wonderfully relaxed spot!

riverslWe always enjoy receiving feedback from our guests, but once so often something special comes along, and an inspired guest sends us a piece of their thoughts on paper.   Jon Quirk, recent guest at Shangri-La Country Hotel & Spa outside Bela Bela and Modimolle, sent us this lovely prose about his experience at our 4-star establishment.  Thank you for sending this in Jon!

Wonderfully relaxed spot, by Jon Quirk
Nirvana, heaven, zen- buddhist peace and tranquillity; the phrase Shangri-La conjures up all of that and more; yet can such a calm-zone exist in our troubled country of South Africa?

Yet little more than an hour and a half out of Jo’burg, almost as you get to the Waterberg and the bush therein and beyond, can be found the rustic haven of Shangri-La.

The heart and essence of the property is in the gardens, all meandering pathways and secluded havens of peace and charm. Take the time, go wandering and exploring; find your own little space of calm where you can properly chill out and lose those big-city neuroses.

Take a picnic, take a blanket, take a book, and find your spot to chill out with your loved one.

Rivulets and streams meander through, the two Labradors who live here will make space and allowances for you.

The inside is no less delightful and there are nooks, crannies, and interesting spaces to be explored. Just inside the deck, itself an excellent spot high up in the tree-line to quaff a glass of chilled white, is this little spot; the perfect chesterfield to lie out on and relax whilst reading the truly excellent new James Bond book Trigger Mortis (so good you won’t notice time slipping past until you get to page 294 and the end.)

Find it, and find it soon – oasis’ such as this don’t remain secret for long!